Dolphin Expedition June 2015

Wild Dolphin Project with Dr.Denise Herzing and others onboard MV Stenella in Bahamas.
Flag expedition with all girl dive team Explorers Club members and Explorers Museum!

Participated in an expedition with The Wild Dolphin Project and Dr. Denise Herzing in the Bahamas June 2-11, 2015. Onboard MV Stenella with an all girl dive team of Explorers Club members! Flew Explorers Club Flag #219 and Explorers Museum Pennant #4 on the mast with USA, Bahamas and Divers flags.Denise Herzing has been following and documenting this same pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins for 31 years. Trips are snorkel only so as not to disturb the dolphins with SCUBA exhale bubbles. “In Their World…On Their Terms…” is the motto of this one-of-kind ongoing study.