annedoubiletphoto ECOCUFFS® (click on a cuff to start shopping!) Recycled aluminum bracelet imprinted with one of my photos HOPE HELP OCEAN PROTECT EARTH % PROFITS DONATED TO OCEAN NON-PROFITS


Anne Doubilet wearing EcoCuffs at Blue Beyond Borders/I Heart Blue event, NYC

Anne with EcoCuffs @ Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros, Bahamas

***NOTE: ANNE CAN NOW BE BOOKED FOR MOTIVATIONAL AND CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS THROUGH WORLD EXPLORERS BUREAU representing "awe inspiring speakers who share their stories worldwide for conferences and events." ***

  • EcoCuffs are all USA made from up to 90% post consumer recycled aluminum, VOC FREE printing process, Green Circle certified. Aluminum cans partner with plastics in littering our oceans and beaches. Percentage of sales donated to Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) for Dr. Susan Shaw, Marine Toxicologist, to continue eliminating toxic ocean pollution
  • EcoCuffs in 2 widths: Wide 1 1/2" and Narrow 3/4". FULLY ADJUSTABLE, light weight, water proof, scratch resistant, hand finished, imprinted with an original ©Anne Doubilet photo. 
  • Shipping charged at checkout/USA only/USPS priority mail.
  • Each photograph with a worldwide story (see links below) to promote clean oceans!
  • email Contact for volume discount

PHOTOGRAPHS ON ECOCUFFS~Click on caption below for full size image.

Jellyfish Japan                                                 Pacific Panama                                          Ice Arctic                                     Water Ripples Arctic


Red Crab                                          Red Hard Coral                                          Pink Orange Soft Coral                              Spider Crabs


Orange Water Ripples, Antarctica                Sunset Water, Antarctica                   Sunset Snow, Antarctica              

NOTE: "These sunset photos from Le Maire Channel in Antarctica are so special because during nine years and over a dozen trips there, this is the one and only time I witnessed such a spectacular sunset." Dr. Rodolfo Werner, Antarctica and Southern Ocean Advisor.

 Butterfly fish, PNG                                 Grunts, PNG                                         Seagrass, PNG                        Lionfish, Andros, Bahamas

PNG & Lionfish EcoCuff photos taken with Fantasea underwater housings